ICT For Social Change Workshop | Somerset West

Delegates from 5 Western Cape Hospice Organisations attended our ICT For Social Change Workshop in Somerset West on 10 July 2019 thanks to a generous sponsorship from Helderberg Hospice

Delegates in attendance received practical capacity building on: 

ICT for Social Change: How can your NPO effectively use Tech for Good? | How can your NPO save on IT costs? | Which software solutions are available via donation and discount in South Africa?

Social Media and Online Fundraising: Digital Storytelling: What is it and how can your NPO start raising funds online? | Which donated or discounted tools are available to help with Social Media Marketing? | How can your NPO set up / manage a Website for Online Fundraising? | What is online donor outreach and which tools are available to use? | Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Introduction – How to, When to, Why to.  

Online Safety / Cyberbullying: Why does my organisation need to have an online safety policy and framework?

Part of the practical “homework” assignment was to create 30 days of relevant and engaging content from a prompt list written by Samantha Barnard. Most of the Delegates in attendance have started posting content on their Social Media Accounts and we encourage you to please connect with them via the hashtag: #SANPONETWORK on Instagram to see what they have to offer! 

Feedback from the delegates in attendance: 

Overall Facilitator Rating – 98%

“Sam is a gem. she knows how to connect with the audience and is very knowledgable” 

“Thank you for a very informative workshop – very useful!”

“Thank you for an excellent workshop!!”

“Learnt alot about the different platforms. Thanks!”

“Very valuable, need more!”

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