NPO Meet and Greet

NPO Meet and Greet | Cape Town | 29 October 2019

On 29 October 2019, an NPO Meet and Greet, in collaboration with SA NPO Network, was held in Mowbray, Cape Town.  The idea behind the event was to share networking resources with NPOs present and to help them build trust amongst each other for future collaborations.

The objective of the day was to help NPOs understand the benefits of networking, partnering and collaboration when it comes to projects and proposals, grants and funding. 

Guest speaker, Peter Ruthenberg, spoke on ‘’The importance of a trustworthy networking environment” and ‘’The importance of listening more than talking’’. Peter also mentioned the importance of punctuality as it plays a crucial role in increasing credibility – it shows that you take the appointment you have made with someone seriously and you actually respect their time. 

We also invited business owners whom we sourced through referrals from organisations that have benefited from their services as well as through business networks that they are part of, and the success of their companies is often due to successful networking.  These businesses all offered NPOs special discounted rates for their business: 

  • Deirdre Taylor:  Virtual Assistance & operation management 
  • Tamlyn Springer: Insurance 
  • Stephen Lawson: Accounting & Bookkeeping 
  • Cindy Houston:  NGO Grow 
  • Joanne February: Branding
  • Lorna Shields: Content Writing  
  • Dalene Swart:  Fundraising consultant 
  • Roger February: Photography 

At the event we also shared information about our TechSoup South Africa Programme – Di spoke about the Avis discounts available to nonprofits and Nonjabulo (Airbnb) introduced the Airbnb Social Impact Experiences Programme and detailed how it can bring NPOs funding. 

The event was a success, many in attendance gave positive feedback and advised that such gatherings should be held on a regular basis. As an organisation we would like to thank everyone that was involved and all that attended!

Photographer: Rodger February

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